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Star Trek: Enterprise Season Three DVD set
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Episode Title: "PROVING GROUND"
Production Number: 065
Original Air Date: 01-21-04
Stardates: December 6, 2153

Synopsis: Commander Shran of the Andorian Imperial Guard and the crew of the Imperial Warship Kumari enter the Delphic Expanse looking for the human starship Enterprise.

Degra informs the Xindi Council that the new weapon prototype will be tested in three days, and if it is successful, the final weapon can be deployed against Earth in a month.

Aboard the Enterprise, Ensign Sato has found the isotopic signature of the shipment of kemocite that Captain Archer had tagged aboard a Xindi ship. Subcommander T'Pol and Ensign Sato have recovered about thirty percent of the lost data on the spheres in the Expanse, and have pieced together a map of the spatial anomalies. It will take seventeen days to go around a field of anomalies, so Archer decides to go through the field in order to reach the Xindi kemocite signature.

The Enterprise is damaged by the anomalies, but is rescued by Shran's Andorian ship. Commander Shran offers to help repair the Enterprise and locate the Xindi weapon.

They trace the kemocite signature to a G-type star system with six planets and over 100 moons. The Andorians' advanced sensors detect four Xindi vessels in the system. When the Xindi test the weapon prototype, the Enterprise and the Kumari attack, but Shran steals the Xindi weapon, under orders to return it to the Imperial Guard for its war against the Vulcans.

Captain Archer remotely activates the Xindi weapon before Shran can take it back to Andoria, and the weapon detonates. The Enterprise later receives a secret transmission of the Andorians' detailed scans of the Xindi weapon, and Captain Archer orders the data forwarded to Starfleet Command.

  • Factoid: When humans were first testing primitive atomic weapons, a remote island called Bikini Atoll was used as a test site.

  • Factoid: Andorian engines use antimatter injectors with variable compression nozzles.

  • Factoid: Andorians have been in conflict with the Vulcans for 200 years.

  • Guest Characters: Commander Shran, *Lt. Talas, Degra, Jannar, Reptilian Commander Dolim
    Alien Races: Andorians, Xindi-Primates, Xindi-Reptilians, Xindi-Insectoids, Xindi-Arboreals, Xindi-Aquatics
    Starships: *Andorian Imperial Warship Kumari

    KEY: [brackets]=illusions   *star=first appearance

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