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Star Trek: The Original Series Season Three set
[USA] [Canada] [France] [UK] [Germany]
Production Number: 76
Original Air Date: 02-14-69
Stardates: 5843.7, 5843.75, 5843.8

Synopsis: The U.S.S. Enterprise crew is infected with deadly Rigelian fever, and Captain Kirk leads a landing party to a small planet in the Omega system to find ryetalyn, the only known antidote to the fever.

On the planet, they meet a man calling himself Mr. Flint, who lives in a castle shielded from orbital scans, containing an extensive collection of original artwork, including several unknown da Vinci paintings, and an original waltz by Johannes Brahms. Flint lives with a young woman named Rayna Kapek, but the Enterprise can find no records of either of them.

The landing party learns that Flint was born in Mesopotamia in the year 3834 B.C., where he was called Akharin, a soldier whose heart was pierced in battle, but he continued to live. He has lived for millennia under many identities, including Johannes Brahms, Leonardo da Vinci, Soloman, Alexander, Lazarus, Methuselah, Merlin, Abramson, and a hundred others. He has been married a hundred times, and watched his loved ones age and die. He created Rayna Kapek, an android, to provide companionship, but she has fallen in love with Captain Kirk, and her conflicting emotions cause her to stop functioning.

The ryetalyn is transported to the Enterprise and the Rigelian fever is treated. McCoy discovers that the immortal Flint is ageing normally since leaving Earth's environment, and he will eventually die after a normal life span.

  • Factoid: Akharin witnessed the bubonic plague in Constantinople in the summer of 1334.

  • Factoid: Akharin's rare book collection includes a Shakespeare First Folio, a Gutenberg Bible, and Creation Lithographs by Taranalus of Centauri Seven.

  • Guest Characters: *Akharin alias 'Flint' / Leonardo da Vinci / Reginald Pollack / Sten / Johannes Brahms / Merlin / Soloman / Lazarus / Alexander / Methuselah / Abramson / 'Brack'
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