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Star Trek: The Original Series Season Three set
[USA] [Canada] [France] [UK] [Germany]
Production Number: 79
Original Air Date: 06-03-69
Stardates: 5928.5

Synopsis: The U.S.S. Enterprise responds to a distress call from a group of scientists exploring the ruins of a dead civilization on Camus Two; the leader of the expedition, Dr. Janice Lester, knew Captain Kirk when they were together for a year at Starfleet, but his world of starship captains doesn't admit women. When they are alone, Dr. Lester uses an alien machine on the planet to switch bodies with Kirk, and assumes his identity. Dr. McCoy determines that the scientists on Camus Two have been poisoned by celebium radiation.

After a mind meld with Dr. Lester, Commander Spock believes her claims that she is really Captain Kirk trapped in her body, but Lester, in Kirk's body, charges Spock with mutiny. As more of his officers turn against him, Dr. Lester becomes hysterical and loses her hold on Kirk's body; the alien transferral reverses itself, and they both find themselves in their correct bodies.

  • Factoid: Starbase Two is on the route from Camus Two to Beta Aurigae, and has more advanced medical facilities than Benecia Colony.

  • Factoid: The Enterprise is supposed to meet the U.S.S. Potemkin after leaving Camus Two.

  • Factoid: The only death penalty in Starfleet is for violation of General Order Four.

  • Guest Characters: *Lt. Lisa, Lt. Galoway, *Dr. Janice Lester, Nurse Christine Chapel
    Alien Races:

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